These programs were developed in E-Studio by Alexander P. Burgoyne and are compatible with E-Prime v1 and v2.

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Automated Pattern Comparison (Gs)

Automated Reading Comprehension (Gc)

Notes on Review of Ericsson and Pool's Peak

Perfect Pitch Training [Excel File with Raw Data]

From Sakakibara (2014)

Gf-GO skill analyses

Described in Hambrick & Hoffman (2016)

Extracted data from Ericsson et al.'s (1993) Figure 15 (pianist data)

See Figure 2 of Hambrick et al. (2016), Psychology of Learning and Motivation

Krampe's (1994) dissertation with Interview Procedures (see Appendix A, p. 151)

Used to measure deliberate practice in Ericsson et al.'s (1993) Study 2

Openly available data for Macnamara, Hambrick, & Oswald (2014) and Macnamara, Moreau, & Hambrick (2016)

Meta-analyses of deliberate practice and performance

Discussion by K. Anders Ericsson (and others) on the 10,000 hour-rule

Presented by the Australian Broadcasting Company’s All in the Mind radio program

Debate between Dean Keith Simonton and K. Anders Ericsson

Pomona College - on the origins of exceptional performance

K. Anders Ericsson's keynote address

2013 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington, DC (video available for purchase)

Dr. Duffy's Dart Study Practice Interview

Dr. Duffy's Dart Study Practice Grid