Selected Publications

2014 - Present

Hambrick & Macnamara (2019)

High Ability Studies

More confusion about deliberate practice: commentary on Miller et al. (2018)

Hambrick, Burgoyne, & Altmann (2020)

The Cambridge Handbook of Intelligence

Problem-Solving and Intelligence

Hambrick, Burgoyne, & Oswald (2019)

Vocational Interests in the Workplace

The Role of Interests in the Development of Expertise: A Multifactorial Perspective

Burgoyne, Harris, & Hambrick (2019)


Predicting piano skill acquisition in beginners: The role of general intelligence, music aptitude, and mindset

Moreau et al. (2018)

Current Directions in Psychological Science

Overstating the Role of Environmental Factors in Success: A Cautionary Note

Hambrick & Burgoyne (2019)

Current Issues in Sport Science

Beyond nature vs. nurture in expertise research – comment on J. Baker and N. Wattie

Hambrick al. (2019)

The Oxford Handbook of Expertise

Domain-General Models of Expertise: The Role of Cognitive Ability

Burgoyne et al. (2019)

The American Journal of Psychology

The Impact of Domain-Specific Experience on Chess Skill: Re-Analysis of a Key Study

Hambrick et al. (2018)

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Toward a Multifactorial Model of Expertise: Beyond Born versus Made

Hambrick et al. (2018)

The American Journal of Psychology

A Knowledge Activation Approach to Testing the Circumvention-of-Limits Hypothesis

Burgoyne et al. (2016)


The Relationship between Cognitive Ability and Chess Skill: A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis

Sala et al. (2017)


Checking the “Academic Selection” Argument. Chess Players Outperform Non-Chess Players in Cognitive Skills Related to Intelligence: A Meta-Analysis

Hambrick et al. (2016)

Psychology of Learning and Motivation

Beyond Born Versus Made: A New Look at Expertise

Macnamara et al. (2016)

Perspectives on Psychological Science

The Relationship Between Deliberate Practice and Performance in Sports: A Meta-Analysis

Hambrick & Hoffman (2016)

IEEE Intelligent Systems

Expertise: A second look

Macnamara et al. (2016)

Perspectives on Psychological Science

How Important is Deliberate Practice? Reply to Ericsson (2016)

Hambrick et al. (2014)


Deliberate Practice: is that all it takes to become an Expert?

Ullén et al. (2015)

Psychological Bulletin

Rethinking Expertise: A Multifactorial Gene–Environment Interaction Model of Expert Performance

Hambrick et al. (2014)


Accounting for Expert Performance: The Devil is in the Details

Hambrick et al. (2014)

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

The Genetics of Music Accomplishment: Evidence for Gene–Environment Correlation and Interaction

Macnamara et al. (2014)

Psychological Science

Deliberate Practice and Performance in Music, Games, Sports, Education, and Professions: A Meta-Analysis

Hambrick et al. (2014)

Frontiers in Psychology

Facing Facts about Deliberate Practice