Selected Publications

2014 - Present

Moreau et al. (2018)

Current Directions in Psychological Science

Overstating the Role of Environmental Factors in Success: A Cautionary Note

Hambrick et al. (2018)

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Toward a Multifactorial Model of Expertise: Beyond Born versus Made

Hambrick et al. (2018)

The American Journal of Psychology

A Knowledge Activation Approach to Testing the Circumvention-of-Limits Hypothesis

Sala et al. (2017)


Checking the “Academic Selection” Argument. Chess Players Outperform Non-Chess Players in Cognitive Skills Related to Intelligence: A Meta-Analysis

Burgoyne et al. (2016)


The Relationship between Cognitive Ability and Chess Skill: A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis

Macnamara et al. (2016)

Perspectives on Psychological Science

The Relationship Between Deliberate Practice and Performance in Sports: A Meta-Analysis

Hambrick et al. (2016)

Psychology of Learning and Motivation

Beyond Born Versus Made: A New Look at Expertise

Macnamara et al. (2016)

Perspectives on Psychological Science

How Important is Deliberate Practice? Reply to Ericsson (2016)

Hambrick & Hoffman (2016)

IEEE Intelligent Systems

Expertise: A second look

Ullén et al. (2015)

Psychological Bulletin

Rethinking Expertise: A Multifactorial Gene–Environment Interaction Model of Expert Performance

Hambrick et al. (2014)


Deliberate Practice: is that all it takes to become an Expert?

Hambrick et al. (2014)

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

The Genetics of Music Accomplishment: Evidence for Gene–Environment Correlation and Interaction

Hambrick et al. (2014)


Accounting for Expert Performance: The Devil is in the Details

Hambrick et al. (2014)

Frontiers in Psychology

Facing Facts about Deliberate Practice

Macnamara et al. (2014)

Psychological Science

Deliberate Practice and Performance in Music, Games, Sports, Education, and Professions: A Meta-Analysis