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Scientific American Zach Hambrick Alexander P. Burgoyne Intelligence and the DNA Revolution

Intelligence and the DNA Revolution

By Alex Burgoyne & Zach Hambrick

We are a product of both our genetic makeup and our environments, as well as the complex interplay between the two.

Scientific American Zach Hambrick Alexander P. Burgoyne Intelligence and the DNA Revolution

Is Innate Talent a Myth?

By Zach Hambrick, Fredrik Ullén, & Miriam Mosing

It’s appealing to think that “all it takes is a lot of practice,” but the factors behind elite performance are more complicated than that.

NYT Zach Hambrick

Sorry, Strivers; Talent Matters

By Zach Hambrick & Elizabeth Meinz

How do people acquire high levels of skill in science, business, music, the arts and sports? This has long been a topic of intense debate in psychology.

Huffington Post Zach Hambrick

Are Experts Born or Made?

By Zach Hambrick

Why do some people learn complex skills with apparent ease, and ultimately reach expert levels of performance, while others struggle?

Psychology Today

The Right Stuff

Danielle Zhu

Many researchers believe the focus on practice—as essential as it is—has overshadowed other key factors behind expertise and performance.

The Oxford Handbook of Expertise

Featured book by Paul Ward, Jan Maarten Schraagen,
Julie Gore, and Emilie M. Roth

This handbook provides "a comprehensive picture of the field of Expertise Studies. We offer both traditional and contemporary perspectives, and importantly, a multidiscipline-multimethod view of the science and engineering research on expertise. We present different perspectives, theories, and methods of conducting expertise research, all of which have had an impact in helping us better understand expertise across a broad range of domains."

Armand Duplantis Breaks the Pole Vault World Record

Article by Jeré Longman
Photo credit: Rafal Oleksiewicz/PressFocus/MB Media, via Getty Images

"Armand Duplantis, known as Mondo, cleared 6.17 meters on the pole vault at the Copernicus Cup in Torun, Poland, to set a world record."

Woman Beats Man at Darts Championship for the First Time

Article by Victor Mather
Photo credit: Steven Paston/Press Association, via Associated Press

“I’m really happy because I’ve made something for women’s darts; I’ve proved that we can play the men and we can beat them,” Sherrock said Tuesday after the match. “I’ve loved every minute of it.”