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Alexander Burgoyne drums with The Blue Effect at MGM Grand Casino, Detroit
Alexander P. Burgoyne was awarded the Rasmussen Fellowship upon enrolling in the doctoral program at MSU.

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Alexander P. Burgoyne

Hi, I'm Alex. I'm fascinated by expertise and the acquisition of complex skill. My research interests include the role of talent and practice in exceptional performers, longitudinal predictors of competency, behavioral genetics, the relation of working memory to skill acquisition and music aptitude, & creativity and improvisation.

Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Doctoral Program
Michigan State University

Ongoing Projects:

Practice, Starting Age, and Formal Instruction in Chess
We're using structural equation modeling to reanalyze one of the most influential studies of practice and expertise in chess.

Acquiring Skill in Music: An Individual Differences Approach
What enables some people to defy the typical trajectory of skill acquisition and attain expert levels of performance well before their peers? Here we assess the relative contribution of individual differences to the acquisition of musical skill in novice pianists.

Predictors of Multitasking Competency
With technology woven into the fabric of everyday experience, there is an increasing demand for multitaskers, especially in the workplace. This longitudinal experiment tracks the effect of specialized training on predictors of multitasking competency.

Checkmate to the "Academic Selection" Argument
We're investigating whether differences in cognitive ability emerge between experts and non-experts in a domain without academic selection processes: chess.

Talent Heatmap
We're using modern data visualization techniques to better understand regional talent hotbeds in sports and music.


Burgoyne et al. (2016)

The Relationship between Cognitive Ability and Chess Skill: A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis

Sala & Burgoyne et al. (in press)

Checking the “Academic Selection” Argument. Chess Players Outperform Non-Chess Players in Cognitive Skills Related to Intelligence: A Meta-Analysis

Sisk & Burgoyne et al. (under review)

How Important is a Growth Mindset to Academic Achievement? Two Meta-analyses

More coming soon!



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